KAMA - The Original Indian Love Oil

KAMA - The Original Indian Love Oil


Kama perfume oil is the Original Indian Love Oil. It has been prepared according to the original 1971 formulation using only the very best ingredients available.


KAMA - The Original Indian Love Oil

Kama Products are a Kiwi brand based on the Original Indian Love Oil known as Patchouli Oil, making them a very eastern style perfume. By late 1973 KAMA Sacred Indian Love Oil was outselling some of the world’s top brands of perfume. The KAMA brand has existed in New Zealand for over 45 years now and still maintains its unique fragrance, leaving the original ingredients untouched throughout. The perfume has since become a well-acclaimed kiwi brand, priding itself in its unchanged essential oil patchouli.

Over the years a number of outer packaging's and descriptive wordings have been altered, but no original ingredients have ever been substituted nor formulations altered.  Kama products are glossy, elegant, firm, infused with a high content of the Original Love Oil concentrate. It has stood the test of time and must surely rank as one of a kind in the realms of the ‘TRULY GREAT’.


Kama has a product range of :


Kama Perfume Oil, which comes in 30 ml bottle


Kama Perfume cream  is a glossy, elegant, firm, personal skin cream, infused with a high content of the Original Love Oil concentrate. This is available in 15g pot.


Kama Shower gel, which is a mild moisturizer enriched, 100% soap free liquid that is suitable for all skin types.  The high content of aloe vera will ensure your skin feels soft and smooth. This is available in 375ml bottle


KAMA Reed Diffuser, this is available in 150ml bottle


Kama Buddha Sticks, each pack has 30g ( approx 25 sticks) long burning  incense sticks


Kama hand and body lotion is a special combination of soothing, nourishing, moisturizing ingredients enhanced by the addition of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. This is available 350ml pump bottle


Kama hand and body wash is a mild liquid with good foaming qualities to gently cleanse and moisturize. The addition of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E leaves the skin with a luxurious after feel. This is available as 250ml pump bottle


Kama Indian love soap is a luxury vegetable based soap that produces a creamy lather with a superior emollient after feel. This is 100g soap bar


Kama massage and body oil is a multi-purpose oil delicately perfumed with ‘Kama’ the original love oil. Although specifically formulated for massage it can be used effectively to moisturize dry skin and alleviate soreness from healed scar tissue. Being soluble in water it can be used as a bath additive to soften the water and leave a silky feel to the body. This is available as 280ml bottle.


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